What’s Electronic Nose?


Electronic Nose (eNose) is really a device accustomed to identify and recognize odours/vapours, i.e. a piece of equipment olfaction device together with chemical sensors.

Alternatively, based on Gardner and Bartlett, (1994) definition [3]:

“A digital nose is definitely an instrument which comprises a range of electronic chemical sensors with partial specificity as well as an appropriate pattern recognition system, able to recognizing complex or simple odours”

The most typical use currently for that eNose is inside the drink and food industries. Additionally for this field, eNose may be used in other locations for example oil qualitative and quantitative analysis, recognition of explosives, classification and degradation studies of olive oil, growth and development of an area odour detector for ecological applications, qc applications within the automotive industry, discrimination between neat and contaminated cows’ teats inside a milking system, cosmetic recycleables analysis, plus a number of other important areas for example within the medical and space fields.

The key of eNose is it uses a range of sensors, whether by means of various kinds of polymers or via using metal oxide semi conductors, the key here remains the same.

When molecules from the element deposited on the top of sensor, the electrical conductivity changes, whenever the top expands. This is actually the fundamental concept of how eNose works i.e. change from the sensor resistance once the sensor uncovered to odours/vapours.

The pattern shown on the computer monitor for every particular resistance is exclusive (i.e. the kind of odour or vapour of the particular sample). In this manner you’ll be able to distinguish an example from another or even the condition/condition from the sample itself, because the headspace from each sample includes a unique signature around the eNose sensors resistance.

Brief History

It is not easy to identify the precise date of “how and when” the thought of designing a method, which could mimic a persons nose, came into being. However, the next dates with devices provide a better knowledge of the way the design progressed for any machine olfaction devices (MOD) system. The MOD design brought eventually for that conceptualisation from the eNose.

Please be aware that an eNose vary from other kinds of MOD simply by getting multiples sensors, while other devices might have one sensor only or just the mechanism itself differ substantially in the eNose fundamental working concepts.

The name MOD, therefore, cover devices for example eNoses i.e. devices with multiple sensors, in addition to devices with single sensors – or individuals devices which work on another design concepts.

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