Top 10 Search engine optimization Tips & Guidelines

1) If you do not want an excessive amount of competition using their company SEO’s, choose keywords precisely. For instance, Rather of Hotel choose keywords like cheap hotel, royal hotel, best hotel, Los vegas hotel etc. Order of keyword also matter for search engines like google. Internet search engine treats “Los vegas hotel” and “hotel los vegas” as different keywords.

2) Best Search engine optimization practice is to buy a minumum of one of the primary keywords in domain or sub website name of the website. You should use hyphens (-) to split up multiple keywords.

3) Get the second or third keywords inside your directory name and filename. For instance http://world wide engine optimization/tips-methods.html is the best for keyword “search engine optimization tips” “search engine optimization methods” and “search engine optimization tips and methods”

4) Keep the website free of any syntax error, declare document type at the start and validate your HTML and CSS because internet search engine bot can’t stand pages with a lot of errors.

5) Provide a short Title for your pages in 3-9 words (60-80 figures) maximum long that contains most of your keyword. Remember it will likely be displayed searching results so choose wisely.

6) Attempt to incorporate your most significant keywords and key phrases in heading tags in your web pagse if you’re able to but bear in mind it shouldn’t be exactly just like title of the page. You should use (H1 H2 H3) tag for indicating anything important. To lessen size heading you should use CSS styling.

7) Specify Meta keywords in heading of document. Limit it to 15-20 words. While not all the various search engines give importance but there’s no harm doing the work. Internet search engine like Yahoo still provide some importance.

8) Help make your Meta Description tag very attractive that contains keywords since it can look around the internet search engine result pages. People accustomed to judge your articles my meta description, take this into account.

9) Use text for navigation menu rather of utilizing images or Java scripts. But if you wish to use images then make use of the “alt” attribute that most closely fits for your food selection link.

10) Attempt to incorporate your most significant keyword in hyperlinked text and text that immediately precedes or follows the web link. Don’t use same keyword always employ synonyms at couple of places.

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